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How to Cure Cancer Naturally?

Principle of Healing Cancer

Causes of Cancer

Much poisoning of the body has been caused by the use of improper foods, such as meat, dairy products, white sugar, white flour, white rice, along with the use of liquor, tobacco, coffee, soda and all other denatured foods. Good wholesome food builds good blood, where as unwholesome food builds a poor quality of blood. Cancer will not develop where there is a pure blood stream and the body’s immune system is functioning at its optimum.



Every one of us has cancer cells within us. Cancer has to be treated by building the body’s immune system then the body’s white blood cells, etc. will attack and destroy the cancer from within. Cancer cells are weaker than normal cells and will not get out of control if our immune system is high. Principle is, Who runs Faster? Immune system or Cancer cells?

Remember, overall lifestyle is your greatest defense. Nutrition alone will not help to cure cancer.

Follow " IN HEALTH " Principle......

Inhale pure Air

Need exposure to Sunlight

Habituate Abstemiousness

Enjoy Enough Rest

Always Exercise

Live on Proper Diet

Take Plenty of Water

Have Trust in Divine Power


Inhale pure Air - "Nature's Invisible Disease Remover".

Nature's Invisible Disease Remover

Deep breathing of fresh outside negatively charged air (the good kind), helps cleanse the lungs and increase circulation. Fresh air from the ocean, near a river or waterfall or after a rain storm is not only negatively charged but is high in oxygen which is very beneficial for cancer and aids. Be sure to have plenty of fresh air in your bedroom as you sleep, keep a window open, even in the winter the window should be partially open. A fact worth knowing is that cancer cells cannot live in the presence of oxygen.


Need exposure to Sunlight -"Nature's Immune Booster" Nature's Immune Booster

Expose as much of the body to the sun. If you have a light complexion start with ten minutes and gradually increase it to a minimum of one hour a day. While sun bathing use no lotions, sunscreens (they can cause cancer), or oils. Do not wear glasses while sun bathing as it is important for the ultraviolet light to get into the eyes, and glass of any kind will keep the rays out. Interferon is effective against several different kinds of cancer including carcinoma, sarcoma and leukemia. This fact spurred the American Cancer Society; to purchase interferon from Finland for experimental use. Dr. Hans Strander of Finland discovered that he could give interferon to terminal bone cancer patients and double the number of long term disease free survivors. White blood cells in our bodies manufacture this wonderful interferon that can help so dramatically in cancer. Sunlight is a great stimulus for increased white blood cell production and thereby increases the production of interferon.


Habituate Abstemiousness - "Self Control or Temperance" Self Control

ELIMINATE Animal Products

Don't eat any kind animal products. All animal products feeds cancer cells to grow rapidly. They contain high protein and trans fat, which are the causes of Cancer.



Diets high in refined fats have long been associated with increased cancer risk. Breast cancer is more frequent in women on diets high in both saturated fats, (whole milk), and in animal fat. A low fat diet not only prevents breast cancer but increases the survival of women who already have breast cancer. Cancer cells grows tremendously when there is high fat in the diet.


ELIMINATE Refined sugar, Junk Foods and Food preservatives Avoid All kind of processed foods

Eating white sugar will paralyze and hinder your white blood cells from fighting off an infection. Eating 25 teaspoons of sugar will paralyze 92% of your white blood cells for approximately five hours. The average American eats over 42 teaspoons of sugar per day. For example: A banana split has 24 teaspoons of sugar. A 12 oz coke has approx. 8-10 teaspoons, a piece of

white bread 2 teaspoons. See chart on sugar content in chapter on sugar. It must be remembered that sugar or empty calories and junk foods interfere with the working of the body’s immune system.


ELIMINATE Smoking and Drinking Alcholic drinks

Both are main causes for various types of cancer and damages out health immensely  and suppresses the immune system.



Avoid exposure to Electronic devices which elimates lot of radiation which are causes of cancer. It affects your immune system.


Enjoy enough Rest Nature's Restorer

The earlier you go to bed the better. Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours, every hour after midnight is worth one. Go to bed at 9 0r 9:30 pm. This is good because Melatonin and Serotonin are produced more before mid night. Both hormones rejuvenate the whole body. Go to bed at 9 0r 9:30 pm. This is good because Melatonin and Serotonin are produced more before mid night. Both hormones rejuvenate the whole body. During your sleep, you healing harmones starts working amazingly!


Always ExerciseThe Best Exercise

When a Cancer patient is in bed, he is obtaining the extra rest he so much needs. But a little movement is also required from time to time, to help his lymphatic elimination. The lymph only moves by muscular activity. Encourage him to move lightly every so often. This may be simply a matter of shifting and flexing the arms and legs. If the person is on a lengthy program of overcoming a chronic disorder, he needs to taught to regularly extend, flex, and rotate each muscle every so often. This includes the arms, hands, legs, feet, abdomen, shoulders, and neck. Although this may seem complicated, it is not. It is just a matter of some simple body movements. He may do this while laying down or sitting on the edge of the bed.

Exercise daily. Walking is the best Exercise. Go for walking at least 15-45 minutes in the morning around 6 to 7 pm. You will get good fresh air, free from pollution at that time. Exercise improves the immune system and blood is get cleansed.

Brisk walking, no jogging, from one to five miles a day is excellent exercise. If you do not have the strength, start slowly and gradually increase the distance. Exercise outside is 10 times more beneficial then indoors. When exercising inside you do not receive the suns rays or the pure fresh air. Working out in a gym is like working out in a smelly tennis shoe.



Everything on this earth has an electrical frequency, the earth, the seeds, the plants animals, and the human body. Cancer cells have a different electrical frequency than normal cells. Our bodies can easily get off the electrical frequency that they are suppose to be on. How can we get it back on track? Very simply, by standing or walking bare foot in the soil. Wearing shoes is not a natural thing, although we need to protect our feet, as shoes insulate our body from the earth so it would be good to spend at least 10 minutes a day outside barefoot in the soil.


Live on proper Diet – “Your food is your medicine”


EAT a Totally Raw DietRaw Diet

This is or will be the hardest single thing to follow, but it is very important. Only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains are what you will be eating until your aids or cancer is in remission. Nothing cooked no cooked beans, bread, potatoes, etc. Sounds tough, but let me tell you this is much easier then taking chemotherapy and having your hair fall out, vomiting, being weak, etc. And, of course chemotherapy for cancer or AZT for aids will not build up your immune system. Instead it will tear it down. Raw food is live food and possesses the highest nutritive value. It is full of vitamins, mineral, enzymes, phytochemicals, etc. Cooked food is dead food, plant any seed and it will grow. Cook the seed and then plant it and it will not grow, because it’s life principle has been destroyed. . Place cancer cells in a cooked media and they will proliferate. Now place the cancer cells in a raw matter and they will disappear! This astounding fact is known to the Cancer society, but the public was never informed. Add some amount of Extra virgin Flax seed oil. It Increases the Immune system. If the bowel movement is weak, take fresh fruits and vegetables juices. At least take 12 to 15 cups of good juices per day. While drinking juices, make sure your saliva mixes with juice. Juices are more good. Since its difficult for a cancer patient to eat normally.


Carrots are a very good source of Vitamin A, and the juice should be taken 15-30 minutes before your vegetable meal. A recent study done by Dr. Raymond J. Shamberger, Professor of the Dept. of Biochemistry, the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, showed that Vitamin A is one of the most important aids to the body’s defense system fighting and preventing aids or cancer. When subjected to carcinogens, this vitamin has a remarkable ability to inhibit the introduction and or retard the growth of both malignant and non-malignant tumors.


Use Herbs

There are many herbs for cancer, but the one I highly recommend is Red Clover. Note: Red Clover is now being studied for the treatment of aids. You use only the flower, not the stem or roots. Red clover contains the following chemicals: biotin, choline, copper, coumarins, glycosides, inositol, magnesium, manganesel, and selenium. It also contains vitamins: A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, B17, C, P and the mineral Zinc. This is quite an assortment of minerals and vitamins for one herb. And possibly in the future we will discover it contains other important ingredients. Red Clover has been used in America for over 100 years to treat and prevent cancer. It is good for cancer on any part of the body. I have personally used it for many years at my clinic and have seen many individuals recover from cancer.

Use only the bulk red clover flowers, not the stem or roots, use no red clover capsules. Make a tea by bringing the water to a boil, removing from the heat and adding the herb. Let it steep for 20 minutes or longer. Use one to two teaspoons of herb per cup of tea. The best time to take the tea is at night before bed on an empty stomach. If you take it twice a day, then also first thing in the morning when you first get up on an empty stomach.


Take plenty of WaterDrink lot of Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water

How much is plenty? It depends upon how much you weigh, you take your weight, divide it in half and that is how many ounces of water you need in a 24 hour period. Of course if you are working out in the hot sun and perspiring a lot you would need more. For example: you weigh 160 lbs. Half of that is 80 so you need 80 ounces, which would be 10 eight ounce glasses. The type of water we need to drink is soft water that is water that has no minerals, as the minerals in water are inorganic and are harmful to our health. Where as the minerals in food are organic and our body needs these type of minerals. Two types of water that have no minerals are distilled water and reverse-osmosis water.


Have Trust in divine power

You must learn to take the problems which you cannot handle, to God, (The Greatest Healer Of All Time). No one cannot hold anger, hate, selfishness, etc. Only through the power of God you have a peaceful mind. The mind greatly affects the healing process of your body. 90% of all sickness starts in the mind. This is the only way to manage stress. Stress can affects the immune system more than 50%. Listen to classical and melodious encouraging Christian musics.

1. Remember that God is the true Healer.

2. Trusting God every moment brings joy, peace, hope and happiness in life.

3. Every day in the morning, commit all your plans to God in prayer.

4. Share every thing to God in prayer.

5. Study God’s word every day. Especially in the morning. This will ennoble you mind and character.

6. Before going to bed, share all your day’s experience with God.

7. God is our Creator. He loves you with a love that surpasses human comprehension.

8. God will forgive your sins and give power to forgive others who sinned against you.

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